About Roadrunner Ceramics

We’re here to make your next project a great one.  Whether you need supplies, equipment or expertise, come in or call and let us know how we can serve you.  That’s what our Throw Local campaign is all about.  

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Our Story

Roadrunner Ceramics and Pottery Supply is an exciting resource for potters, sculptors, ceramicists and clay artists.  In our store you’ll fine more then 40 beautiful clay bodies (low fire through cone 10), glazes, under- and overglazes, hand tools, brushes, sponges, kilns and potters wheels, pyrometric cones, a wide selection of ceramic raw materials and so much more. We’re located in San Antonio, Texas and ship through our online store to the lower 48 states and Mexico.  We have something you need for your next project so come by soon.

Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson

Director Of Clay

Ron is not only one of the owners, but an accomplished clay artist himself.  He’s knowledgable about any and all things pertaining to ceramics and pottery and always ready to help. rcwilson@roadrunnerceramics.com



Chris Ramos

Chris Ramos

General Manager

With a degree in ceramics, Chris knows clay and all the products in the store, so if you need something he’s your guy.  He’s in charge of ordering, glaze mixing, firing, throwing store samples and his pots are the thinnest. cramos@roadrunnerceramics.com

Gloria Zuniga

Gloria Zuniga

Assistant GM

Gloria is a veteran of San Antonio’s ceramics community and can assist you with selecting clay bodies, glazes, firing issues and techniques, selection of tools and equipment and everything high fashion. gzuniga@roadrunnerceramics.com

Jesus Fernandez

Jesus Fernandez

Studio Tech

Jesus has been working with clay since high school, and has great familiarity with the products and services at the store. He also teaches throwing classes, and brings mad bilingual skills to the store with his fluent Spanish.

Our Information

Stop by and visit our store! From downtown, head west on I-10, take a left on DeZavala, then left on Cimarron Path (look for Culver's Restaurant). The big grey and blue warehouse building in the second block on your right houses Roadrunner Ceramics and Mueller & Wilson, Inc. Look for the Roadrunner Ceramics sign on your right at Hawk Springs street. Turn right at Hawk Springs, then immediately left into our parking lot. Hope to see you soon!

Roadrunner Ceramics

12747 Cimarron Path
Suite 116

San Antonio, TX  78249

Our Kudos


My greatest experience with Roadrunner Ceramics has been its stellar customer service.  They were the first ones in the state to start carrying my clay, 266 from Standard Ceramics PA, which was huge because initially I had to always ship it directly from Pennsylvania. Jenny made it her mission to carry my clay and I am greatly indebted to her for that.  They have been always very kind, cordial and prompt with my orders. They even gave me a huge surprise last year when then decided to drive up with my 1,000-pound clay delivery. I highly recommend Roadrunner Ceramics.

– Shikha Joshi
Ceramic artist and longtime customer 

Thank heavens for Roadrunner Ceramics! As a ceramics artist, potter and teacher of ceramics, both in and near San Antonio, I truly appreciate the products and services offered by Roadrunner Ceramics.  They stock a great and fairly priced assortment of clay bodies, tools, glazes and other essentials needed by the large and growing ceramics community of South Texas. They also willingly order any special products you might need.   In addition, Roadrunner has sponsored some extremely popular workshops taught by local, as well as nationally famous, artists. All the potters I know, myself included, give thanks that Roadrunner with its competent and friendly staff are here to assist us and other clay addicts with their material needs.

– Linda Perez
Instructor in the Ceramics Department at Southwest School of Art

“I have been working with Roadrunner as an artist and a teacher. The staff is great with questions and suggestions. If they don’t have an answer they can find out. Jenny is very knowledgeable about kilns and can fix it.  I would recommend potters who are exploring their techniques to check our Roadrunner Ceramics.”

– Sarah Shore
Seduced By Fire

“I am very grateful to Roadrunner for providing a ceramics supply store in San Antonio.  The stock is excellent as is the response when I want to order something unusual.  In these days of ‘one click shopping’ I feel it is very important to buy local.  Roadrunner can count on me for that.” 

– Dudley Harris
Ceramic artist – longtime customer